And the Big One…

Is a miniature man.

He says “Yes Ma’am” and “Yes sir” and “May I please have ___” and “Thank you”.  Usually.

And my personal favorite:  “Mommy, you’re an ANGEL!!!!”  and “you’re always gonna be an angel, because you’re SOOOO sweet!”.


He counts to 100.

He can add some stuff.

He can read some words, like “lake” and “let’s” and “stop”.

He’s making a conscious effort to enunciate his “L” sounds, instead of resorting to the “W” sound (like “Wogan” and “Wittle” and Siwwy”) and he’s so so proud of himself when he gets it right.

He knows that satellite dishes listen to signals from outer space, and bring them to our tv’s.  And he knows that city engineers build our roads and bridges, and they do it using MATH.  Because MATH is everywhere!

He knows the term “figure of speech” and can tell what is and is not a figure of speech, usually.

His favorite number is 5, and his favorite letter is L.  And his favorite color is not green anymore.  It’s red now.  Because he’s 4 now.  (??)

He’s learning to play the piano and is doing REALLY great at it, and really enjoys practicing.  He can find the keys for C, D and E on the keyboard.  He knows the difference between quarter, half and whole notes, and how many counts each one is.  He knows quarter and half rests, and repeat, and piano (quietly) and forte (loudly).

He’s smart, man.

Super smart.

He’s 4, you know.

Did you know that flies have a million eyes?

Did you know that the desert is hot during the day and cold at night?

Did you know that the Spanish word for butterfly is “mariposa”?

Did you know that yellow and blue make green?

What does red and brown make?

I don’t know either.



Our standing Thursday afternoon, Mommy-Logan-After-Piano-Class date is at Cherry Berry Frozen Yogurt. It’s our special bonding time 🙂


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