And the Big One…

Is a miniature man.

He says “Yes Ma’am” and “Yes sir” and “May I please have ___” and “Thank you”.  Usually.

And my personal favorite:  “Mommy, you’re an ANGEL!!!!”  and “you’re always gonna be an angel, because you’re SOOOO sweet!”.


He counts to 100.

He can add some stuff.

He can read some words, like “lake” and “let’s” and “stop”.

He’s making a conscious effort to enunciate his “L” sounds, instead of resorting to the “W” sound (like “Wogan” and “Wittle” and Siwwy”) and he’s so so proud of himself when he gets it right.

He knows that satellite dishes listen to signals from outer space, and bring them to our tv’s.  And he knows that city engineers build our roads and bridges, and they do it using MATH.  Because MATH is everywhere!

He knows the term “figure of speech” and can tell what is and is not a figure of speech, usually.

His favorite number is 5, and his favorite letter is L.  And his favorite color is not green anymore.  It’s red now.  Because he’s 4 now.  (??)

He’s learning to play the piano and is doing REALLY great at it, and really enjoys practicing.  He can find the keys for C, D and E on the keyboard.  He knows the difference between quarter, half and whole notes, and how many counts each one is.  He knows quarter and half rests, and repeat, and piano (quietly) and forte (loudly).

He’s smart, man.

Super smart.

He’s 4, you know.

Did you know that flies have a million eyes?

Did you know that the desert is hot during the day and cold at night?

Did you know that the Spanish word for butterfly is “mariposa”?

Did you know that yellow and blue make green?

What does red and brown make?

I don’t know either.



Our standing Thursday afternoon, Mommy-Logan-After-Piano-Class date is at Cherry Berry Frozen Yogurt. It’s our special bonding time 🙂


Walking and Talking… what- WHAT??


On October 12, 2012, Dawson was 9 months, 3 weeks and 1 day old.  And he did this:

On October 23, 2012, he was 10 months and three days old.  And he did this:

And also this:

Today, he is 10 months, 2 weeks and 2 days old.  And he does this (sorry it’s so dark):


My baby is a toddler.  Wah!

A talking toddler.  Because he can say Mama.  And Dada.  And Hello (Uh-yoh).  And Banana (nanna).  And Ball and Badge and Bye.  And What’s That (ah-dah).  And All Done (ah-dah, strangely enough).

A climbing toddler.  Because he can climb onto the couch all by himself without help.  Because he climbed halfway up Logan’s stepstool in the bathroom.  Because he climbs up our shoulder to try to reach the ceiling fan, whenever we’re holding him, while saying “ah-dah?”

And also.  He’s like six feet tall.  For serious.  Actually, he might only be 2 feet, 6 inches or so.  But it looks like almost 6 feet tall.  For serious.

Did I mention:  “WAAAAHHHH!!”  (<–  that’s me crying that my baby, my last kid I’ll ever have, is damn near grown already.  At 10 months, 2 weeks and 2 days.  WAH.)

Let’s Change Gears Here A Little Bit, Shall We?

So. I’ve been thinking in my head all this time, that I need to get caught up…

“gotta catch up!”

“Gotta save this new stuff till I finally get caught up on the old stuff”.

“Oh man, that was so ADORABLE – that thing my TEN MONTH OLD BABY just did!

(Yes. 10 months old. Today.

(since this is a family blog, I’m sure you realize that means “What the Heck”, right?))

My neurotic, has-to-be-uber-organized-and-by-the-book-and-not-do-anything-out-of-the-proper-chronological-order-Virgo brain has had me quite convinced for months that I need to blog the cuteness in order of occurrence.

That even though this sweet baby

has grown a whole five months since you’ve last seen him ’round these parts, I can’t show you him –

– or his big brother –

– yet, until I show you what they did four months ago.

6 months old, and still best palz with the cat.

Then three months ago.

7 Months old and getting “SOOOOOO Big!!”

Then two months ago.

8 months old, and mommy needs to clean this window… Sheesh!!

Then last month.

9 Months old and I’m a climbing, cruising, fixing-to-walk, fool!

Then last week.

We’re happy and sad to be at the pumpkin patch on a chilly Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately, never the same emotion at the same time…

Clearly, my neuroses is not working out to well for me. Or for you, for that matter.

Maybe if I distract you with a rare*, beautiful shot of the first born…

We may occasionally call Dawson “Punkin”, but Logan is our original Punkin’. Love him.

*When I say “rare” I mean that it’s almost never that I get a genuine, candid smile out of him for a picture.  Usually it’s a little more like this:


So with this post, I’m starting something that makes the very core of my being cringe. I’m gonna say “to heck with it all! I’ll catch up when I catch up. But in the meantime, theres no possible way you should have to wait to see this heart-melting, giggle-in-spite-of-yourself, simply adorable, sheer sibling love:

Swimming Fun

This summer, we spent a lot of time in the water. In addition to swimming twice a week at preschool, we swam at our house, friends’ houses, the beach, hotels we stayed at, and the City Recreation Center’s Splash Pool. Logan loves the water, and was a regular fish all summer, so long as he had a flotation device wrapped around him…



Sometime after we came back from our beach vacation in July, we were in the pool and Logan said, “Mommy, watch this!”. And he swam. Without a floatie. About 5 feet! Then 8 feet! Then clear across the pool!!! Once he started, and realized he COULD do it – there was no stopping him! So, four years and zero swimming lessons, and we now have a swimmer. Go figure.

And the little one? Well, he simply loves the water. He’s not swimming sans floatie, but he sure loves being in the water. Except when the pesky bees are around, and land on his lip and sting him!! Poor baby.


Here are some cute ones of my cute ones, having fun in the sun and the water.



Who can resist baby feet in baby Crocs? Not me, that’s for sure!


The traditional post-swim chill session on the deck chairs. Love.

Everyday Cuteness, Part 1

Every now and then, I realize just how many pictures I take with my phone. Pictures that I may or may not have uploaded to FaceBook at the time I took them, but after that I pretty much forget about. Until I take some time to scroll through them on my phone. Of course I enjoy scrolling through them, but they don’t do you all very much good, just sitting there on my phone, especially if you don’t FaceBook! Plus, FaceBook has gotten so goofy about timelines eating posts and pictures, and half the time stuff that I put on my page disappears. So in order to preserve these memories for all of posterity, I shall now post them here. Because really, that’s what this blog is for, isn’t it?

(I’ll try to remember how old Dawson is in each picture, but I’m not promising anything…)


Rockstar (5 months)


Sock Monkey Tuffy! (4 months, I think)


Oh, Hi. I’m just sitting here, chilling out… (3 months, maybe?)


These guys just LOVE to play together. Makes my heart happy.


He sure loves that Sock Monkey Tuffy


It’s his pal…


Gotta find fun ways of passing the time, while waiting to see the doc!


Big boy playing in his big “contraption” for the first time! (4 months)


Logan and I were shopping at Party City for his birthday party supplies. He found this hat and said, “Ohh! Ice Cream Hat – my favorite!!” Ok, buddy… you keep thinking that’s an ice cream!


Not sure if I’ve mentioned it, but Latty and Dawson are thick as thieves. That kitty sure loves that baby., he’s always got to be near him.. and the feeling is mutual!


Big, big boy trying to pull himself up! (6.5 months)


Logan has started taking grooming really seriously!


Daddy spent Father’s Day cleaning up the garage… Finally we had room to park the cars in there!!


Where’d he get his computer-nerdiness from…?


See? I told ya the feeling is mutual! (6.5 months)


“Why hello, kind sir. I do hope you have a lovely day!”
–Signed, Fancy Dawson


Eeewwww! Logan went to a Reptile Birthday Party, and the kids got to hold a huge boa constrictor!


Logan and his buddy Michael having a blast at the Round Rock Express Game and Baby and Kid Expo!

I’m sure I’ll be dumping some more phone photos here in another 6 months or so!

I can’t believe it. Can you?

I actually AM alive!  Still struggling to keep my head above water with everything that keeps us all busy, but I am making a concerted effort to have this blog up-to-date before next week.  I had gotten so far behind on the  blog that it got to the point where it made my pulse quicken and my forehead sweat just thinking about how I was ever going to catch up.  But I recently just jumped in and started hammering away at it, and hope to be all caught up very very soon.

So what I’ve decided to do, is “pre-date” a bunch of these posts that I’ve fallen behind on.  That way, in a year from now when no one remembers how far behind I was, it will all appear as though I was keeping right up with the events in our lives and on top of things enough to blog about it in the general timeframe that it occurred.  Or something.

So.  I hope to be publishing a couple-few back-dated posts a day.  When I do, they will be hidden below this one, because I will enter the “publish” day as some date prior to today.  Just be sure to scroll down so you don’t miss anything.  Or, you could always sign up to follow my blog.  Then WordPress will send you an email whenever I post something new, and it will link you right to that new post.


5 Months!

And, he keeps on plugging away.  Getting bigger and more his own little person every day.

He is so snuggly sweet, I can’t stand it.  I think he’s a genius, really I do.

So here’s what I’ve been documenting on my phone this month, since, let’s face it, who’s got the time to lug that big camera around anymore?:

Brothers playing together. Super sweet.

Finally big enough for the Big Contraption!

He LOVES his Sock Monkey Tuffy that the Easter Bunny brought him!

More Sock Monkey Snuggles

Even in the car, we love our Sock Monkey Tuffy!

Dawson is so incredibly close to being mobile!  Eeeeeppp!

And, just so that you can rest assured that he’s still developing on track at five months, consider this chart:

5 months Distinguishes between bold colors – YES
Plays with his hands and feet – Oh YES!
Recognizes own name – I think so
Turns toward new sounds – YES
Rolls over in both directions – YES
Sits momentarily without support – YES!
Mouths objects – Constantly!
Separation anxiety may begin – Nope!

We’re almost ready to start feeding him some solid food, so stay tuned for those adventures!